Birdadette was Tiana's new pet little bird. She is voiced by Taylor Bulwinkle. In Whisker Haven Tales,She is voiced by Anastasia Bredikhina.

quotes: La La La! Didn't see ya there. Can you help me look splendid for the party?

Being Bathed: Tweet!

Being Brushed: I look lovely! Enough brushing!

Eating: so many choices!

(Eating a cracker: Divine!

Eating a fish: Scrumptious!

Eating seeds: One More Please!

Eating a acorn: No No No! Food is so much!

Getting Dressed: that one please!


Birdadette is a lilac bird with magenta markings and purple hair. She wears a green crown, a ribbon, and a flower shaped bow.


Birdadette has a special gift, Singing.


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Minis



  • Birdadette, Bibbidy, and Morgan are the only Palace Pets with ribbons.
  • It is unknown how Birdadette got magenta markings.
  • She has the same hanging bangs as Tiana.
  • She doesn't Say worlds with R or L right.


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