Blossom is a hungry panda and the most cheerful pet Mulan cloud wish for. They met at a banquet, When the princess saw Blossom eating.

Appearance Edit

Blossom is a lilac colored panda with indigo spots and no pawmark.

She wears a crown with a blossom on it, a golden necklace, and a green bow shaped like a ribbon.

Personality Edit

Blossom loves to munch.


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Talking and Singing Pets
  • Minis
  • Pop and Stick (Series 2)


  • A Dreamy Birthday
  • Flying High Tea


  • Blossom eats too much.
  • She will be added to the Whisker Haven App with Nyle, Summer and Birdadette.
  • She kinda looks like a real panda.
  • Blossom's band ties are similar to Lychee's.
  • In Whisker Haven, Blossom only wears her band ties.

Gallery Edit