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Disney Palace Pets App is a free app that features the Palace Pets.


Disney Princess Palace Pets App00:31

Disney Princess Palace Pets App

Disney Princess Palace Pets App


  • Just all 40
  • Palace Pets are featured in the app
  • Berry, Treasure,
  • Blondie,
  • Pumpkin, Beauty and Teacup are featured in this app for free
  • Sweetie, Bayou, Daisy, Blossom, Windflower,Seashell, Bloom,Lily, Slipper, Matey, Summer, Lapis, Gleam, Lychee, Nuzzles, Rouge, Sundrop, Taj, Pounce, Muffin, Truffles, Fern, Plumdrop, Teacup, Pumpkin, Beauty, Berry And Blondie are In-App-Purchases
  • Bloom is free in the app however you have to submit your email. 
  • Meadow is also free but you do not have to submit your email. 
  • Honeycake, Macaron, Brie, Thistleblossom and Nyle are the pets and they not yet in the App. There are sources saying when they will be updated into the app.
  • Summer, Lily, Petit, Sultan, Seashell, Windflower, Bloom, Bibbidy, Sweetie, Bayou and Daisy can only speak in English.
  • Matey Meadow and Slipper are only can speak in English.
  • Lapis and Gleam are only would speak in English.
  • Lychee, Nuzzles and Rouge are only speak in English.
  • Taj, Sundrop and Pounce are only can speak in English
  • Muffin, Fern, Truffles and Plumdrop are only can speak in English.
  • The apps full name is "The Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Salon Game"

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