Disney Glamour

Glamour is Morgan's ragdoll cat. She met Morgan when she Was Sleeping on the Couch, but woke Up when Doodle was Jumping on the Bed, then Morgan noticed she wanted to Go Back to Sleep, and Gave her a Bed.

She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain


Glamour is a bit snooty and vain, she also likes to nap. She is friends with Charlotte's fox, Morgan and Akila's Camel Pyramid.



"I love eating fish!" "But I always remember to brush my teeth afterwards" (getting fed)

"Well done I look Chic." "You may be better at this than Morgan" (getting brushed)

"Nothing like a bowl of royal milk" (getting fed)

"I look beautiful!" "The other pets will be jealous!"

"All this beautification is making me sleepy" 

"I apologize Midnight but I don't think it can work between us" (Glamour rejecting Midnight)




  • She is similar to Beauty.
  • She was mistakenly referred to as a Persian Siamese cat, but in the episode "Sleepless in Whisker Haven" she calls herself a rag doll (A breed similar to a Persian)