Honeycake cartoon


Honeycake is a white kitten owned by Snow White. She is voiced by Ella Anderson.


Honeycake is a white cat with Snow White's hair. She has a light blue tail.

She wears a red cape, a red and golden bow shaped as a headband, and a cherry red bow on her tail. She originally was a black cat.


Honeycake loves to dig for hidden things outside the pawlace, sometime she can be noticed sleeping in the holes.


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Minis
  • Super Bright!


Kiddy KooEdit

Honeycake starts digging a tunnel to hide from Kiddy Koo and lets Her Friends in and turns on her Flashlight.


Bibbidy and the BusesEdit

  • "You Scared the Whiskers Out of Me!"
  • "Berry, It's Your Turn to do the Laundry!"
  • "Goodnight Everyone!"
  • "Wow Bibbidy!"

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