Mary Katherine Dillon is the voice actress of Skyla, Kate, Tamika, Alora, Sammi, and Young Toucan and the singing voice of Bloom and Meeka in the fanon Palace Pets. She later voiced in Palace Pets: Whisker Haven Adventures as Pelusa and some unnamed extras.

Passion for the ShowEdit


Roles in the FranchiseEdit

  • Skyla
  • Kate
  • Tamika
  • Alora
  • Sammi
  • Young Toucan
  • Bloom (Singing)
  • Meeka (Singing)
  • Pelusa
  • Extras


  • She is also very active in the fandom.
  • An animal version of herself appeared in the background at one point in Palace Pets: Whisker Haven Adventures. The type of animal has yet to be confirmed.