"Cold Toeses!" - Skyla, Good Singing, Bad Stage


Skyla Is Blue Fluffy Arctic Fox Who Belongs To Elsa. She met Elsa one day on the first day of winter. She was starting to make the snow until a sleeping fox popped up. She is the Most Popular, Even Out of the Main Ones, When Her and Berry appeared in A Mattress Addvertizer was when Skyla was not awake the Entire Time, Why she Fakes Sleep when She Does not Want to do Something.

She is voiced by Mary Katherine Dillon.


Skyla is a white fox with white paws and a blue pawmark. She wears gold crown to look like Elsa, a blue ring on her tail, and a necklace with a snowflake. Her Turquoise wings appeared in Whisker Haven Tales.


Skyla loves to hibernate. When She's in Whisker Haven, she gains the ability to fly in circles all around the world. If One if her Friends takes long for Something, He or She will make Her Asleep. What a Lazybutt!


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Magical Lights Pets
  • Magical flight Skyla
  • Bright eyes Skyla

Quotes: Let's fly away! Original Wuotes Getting a bath: Uh, what a nice sooth bathtime!

Being Brushed: Be careful of my powers!

Eating: An icicle, Wow!, An stick, I will eat a little more, please!, A grass, That's fine!, A apple, Awesome!

Getting Dressed: That won't hurt when I sleep WILL IT?


  • Fairy Room
  • Slipper Sparks
  • Wake Up, Skyla!
  • Skyla takes flight
  • Halloween Night (Cameo)



WHM9: New York SittyEdit

  • "This is my Daughter, Winter!"

Bibbidy and the BusesEdit

  • "Now Cut That Out!"
  • "Give Bibbidy A Chance."
  • "I'll Lead the Carol, so I'll Ring the Doorbell.
  • "Look! Everyone loves the New Buses!"

Frozen Hearted SkylaEdit

  • "I Got the Ball!"
  • "Sorry Kids, Gotta Go!"
  • "Yes Sweetie, just got in a Frozon Lake!"
  • "Would You Do It for Me, Palace Pets?"
  • "If They're Going So Am I!"
  • "Deal with It, You Two!"
  • "Toodle Loo!"
  • "Let's Celebrate!"