Disney Sol

"Time to start a new hobby..." - Sol's Catchphrase

Sol is a handsome and magical fox for Rapunzel. Anna and Elsa found Sol and gave him to Rapunzel (who was visiting) because he fits her more than they do. His crush is Nya.

He is voiced by Frankie Muniz.


Sol is charming and daring. He looks like Rapunzel but has more of Flynn's personality. He loves Rapunzel because she's magical like he is. He admire's Flynn's boyish good looks but knows he looks better. He enjoys swimming, dancing,  art, music, parties, food and summer walks. He can also be occasionally spotted sleeping in Rapunzel's garden. He can also be seen as reckless and very slightly egotistical, for making a harmful wish to mold every one in his image in Sol's wish.

Friends Edit


  • He has adapted Rapunzel's healing power, and once used it to aid Skyla when she hurt her paw
  • His name is Spanish for sun, it's a reference to a sun god and Sol's magic
  • Sol was inspired by a dream Cianna once had, in which she met him
  • He is a ladies's men, admired by several girls especially Tabia, Precious Jewel and Nuzzles all of whom think he's handsome 
  • He is the leader of his own Skulk .