"Wilee Ebra! - Stripes' catchphrase

Stripes is Jasmine's new pet zebra who was found at Sultan's party. He is voiced by Shawn Mendez. In Whisker Haven Tales, He is voiced by Dusan Brown.Quotes: After getting ready, can we be friends? Getting Bathed:Brr! This is cold! Getting Dried:Neigh! Being Brushed: This is the life! Eating a hay sandwich: My Favorite! Eating a Carrot: I love it! Eating grass: Tastes Good! Eating a apple: Thank You, My Friend! Thinking About Getting Dressed: I need a good outfit to pal around with my new friends! Getting Dressed: Now I must go to one of my friend's parties. Goodbye!. He will be added to the Royal Salon App with Thistleblossom, Snowpaws and Sandy Pearl in August 15 2016


Stripes is a lilac zebra with purple hair and a minty green tail. He wears am agents crown pink earrings a magenta necklace and a hot pink Featherbow.


He loves to pal around with all of his friends.


  • Furry Tail Friends


  • Helping Hooves
  • Whoop De Do! (Cameo)


  • In Whisker Haven Tales, He wears a actual bow.
  • In the app, Stripes is wearing alternate assessories, he wears the same headress as Sultan, a blue bow tie, and a blue bow in his tail.
  • He has not been added to Whisker Haven App yet.
  • He is seen with Brooke a lot, the status of their relationship however is unknown

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