Sweetie is a talented pony who would do anything for a piece of pie. One day, when the Prince was returning from a trip, Snow White decided to meet him to the tables and welcome him home with a freshly - baked strawberry pie. Then, Snow White noticed Sweetie wanted the pie. She is voiced by Sarah Williams. In Whisker Haven Tales, She is voiced by Alexandra Peters. In Hey Skyla!, She is voiced by Kath Soucie.

Personality Edit

Sweetie is the speediest pony in Whisker Haven and loves to race and have some fun! But after a series of races, Sweetie loves to take it easy and eat a piece of pie. Other things Critterzens say about her is that she is a talented pony with a big heart and always has a fetching look that makes the boys faint.

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Merchandise Edit

  • Prim And Pamper Ponies
  • Talking And Singing Ponies
  • Pop and Stick (Series 2)