we came down with poorly noses 

Thistleblossom met Snow White when the hedgehog begun her winter nap. The princess took her in and once She woke up, Thistleblossom saw snow for the first time. She is voiced by Kelly Sheridan. In Whisker Haven Tales, She is voiced by Addison Rieke. She will added to the Palace Pets Royal Salon app with Sandy Pearl and Stripes In August 15 2016.

Quote: I'm Thstleblossom, Ooh, snow!

Getting Bathed: Hey You!

Getting Bathed: Hello Again!

Getting Bathed:Aah, Bubbles!

Getting Bathed:(Sniff)

Getting Dried: Aah!

Getting Dried:

Getting Dried:

Eating:Better give me some yum!

Eating: This tastes as good as the apples that Snow White tasted.

Eating: What a nice porting to lick up my Whiskers!

Eating: As tasty as the Apple of my eye!

Getting Dressed: time to dress up!

Getting Dressed: Okay, I guess my sassInessa can't control my looks!

Getting Dressed:

Getting Dressed: