Treasure is a curious kitten which is Ariel's pet. They met when Prince Eric saw the kitty on his crew's ship. Then the prince gave her to Ariel and loved her. Treasure is voiced by Sanai Victoria in the Show, Cree Summer in the 1st, 2nd, and 5th film, and Mary Katherine Dillon in the Talking Tous.


Treasure loves her adventures and the stories she and Petit write. Especially when they envolve the water.



  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Beauty and Bliss
  • Minis
  • Talking and Singing Pets
  • Pawfection Style
  • Touch and Feel Books
  • Wiggle and Wag
  • Glitzy Glitter Friends
  • Whisker Haven Target 5 Pack
  • Baloon Buddies
  • Lego
  • Kinder
  • Disney Store Metallic Set
  • Pet and Princess



  • In Flora's Broken Heart, She becomes Friends with Flora.

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